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How To Spend 10 Days In Italy

While the colourful houses of Cinque Terre are the highlight of this trail, there are stunning views all throughout. The trail passes passes through Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, giving you the option to explore each town individually. You should spend a full day in Cinque Terre hiking the Sentiero Azzurro, a wonderfully scenic hike. The street is located in the heart of the city and features many branded stores, boutique shops, designer clothing labels and quaint cafes that offer the perfect break from your shopping experience.

  • Only legal residents of Italy may enter from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka by presenting a negative test result taken within 48 hours of arrival.
  • Being one of the most picturesque towns of Lake Como, Varenna is more than worth the visit.
  • Steffani Cameron is a freelance writer and journalist with bylines in Washington Post, Canadian Traveller, and many other sites.
  • However, Rome is where it all started (ish, that’s a bit of a generalization), which means it’s a good place for your trip to Italy to start.
  • Tren Italia’s website is also notorious for not working correctly.

Moving around Venice by foot also gives the possibility to explore the city. For information on positions and how to apply, please visit our travel careers website. Our detailed brochures feature trip ideas and travel experiences recommended by our specialists. Italians are now back at work or have returned to school, emptying the beaches to less crowded levels, although September is still a popular month with travelers. By September, summer temperatures have usually peaked and while the days remain hot, the nights tend to be cooler and more comfortable. August is one of the most expensive times to visit Italy, so travel during this month needs to be planned well in advance.

Make sure to book your seats in advance, there are limited seats available for Eurail Pass holders. It’s also possible to avoid reservations all together, simply by takingregional trains. Italian police can impose monetary sanctions for non-compliance with Italian anti-COVID-19 measures regarding social distancing, movement restrictions and mask mandates. During this time, it is also important to remain aware ofrestrictions in place within your region.

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Evaneos agents are helpful for providing local expertise and knowledge about how to make your trip ideas fit into a viable itinerary. Currently trips are available all over the world, excepting Antarctica – a majority of tours are centered in Europe and Asia, and very few travel to North America. You may be thinking that a guided tour isn’t right, but also may be unsure about creating your own travel experience from scratch.

Suggested Tour Routes To Make The Best Of Your Holiday In Italy

Even as budget airlines in Europe begin to compete with the rail network on price, train travel has perks that air travel can’t match. And taking the train in Italy can really beat driving, especially if you are concentrating on cities with train stations and if Italian drivers scare you a little bit . A rail strike occurred during our trip, unexpectedly shutting down transportation for an entire day. Protect | Lastly, be sure to visit Italy withtravel insurance. Whether you get injured and need to be hospitalized, your phone gets stolen, or a flight delay leaves you with nothing but the clothes on your back, travel insurance will help when you need it most. Genoa is quite a gritty town and worth a stop if you want to experience a more “real” Italian city.


Tourists who wish to travel to Italy at this moment can’t really plan in advance, but they could organize a city break in an area under low restrictions perhaps. Although even a city break could look quite different. It’s our goal to provide regular updates here from real people on the ground, to help potential visitors know what to expect. In white zones , bars, restaurants and all other establishments related to food and drinks are open. Unvaccinated customers can enter an establishment to buy food, but they are not allowed to eat indoors.

You can get to just about any trail with a bus, which eliminates the need for a car. Once you’re in the mountains, you’ll obviously have to hoof it from camp to camp. If speaking Italian proves to be too difficult, English is still widely spoken in most of the larger cities and by the majority of the youth. Certain regions that share a border with another European nation will also speak more of that particular country’s language. For example, many people from the Valle d’Aosta region speak French while those from Trentino use a local dialect of German. Renting a car is a great way to explore Italy at your own pace.

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As of June 24, 2021, all U.S. travelers must present a QR code upon arrival in Spain, generated through the Spain Travel Health portal. Unvaccinated children under the age of 12 may accompany fully vaccinated adults. Unvaccinated travelers who meet exceptional situations must present results of a negative COVID-19 test .

Depending on your budget, transportation can range from public transport to private drivers. Their packages include airfare and transfers leaving you to simply enjoy the traveling. Their customers range in age from honeymooning couples in their 20s and 30s, to multi-generational family groups, to older couples in their 70s and even 80s. Their tours are private and customized to allow you freedom to explore the country or multiple countries on your own. Some days may included guided experiences, but in general you’re on your own following the itinerary you created with a JayWay travel advisor. Many of their tours visit multiple countries, but they also offer itineraries which focus in one place.